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Autistic planet ISBN: 9781843108429
Elder, Jennifer and Thomas, Marc
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2007
'My autistic friend at school today made a perfect sphere of clay, I asked, "Is that the moon?" but no, she shook her head and answered, "Though it may seem strange to some, this is the planet where I'm from..."' And she goes on to explain her planet - where trains run on time and people in offices use rocking chairs, and no one ever makes one snowman when they can make a dozen. She celebrates the differences within her planet - where people don't like itchy, tight clothes, but love to play chess and can memorize songs very easily All this is explained in rhyme and with the most wonderful, painterly illustrations. The whole effect is quite beautiful and somewhat eccentric. A quality, hardback production representing a world that autistic children will recognise and respond to. Available from Amazon, from bookshops, or from the publisher at
Age: 6+