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The Conversation Train UK: A Visual Approach to Conversation for Children on the Autism Spectrum ISBN: 9781849055314
Shaul, Joel
Published by Jessica Kingsley, 2014
Using a steam freight train as a metaphor, this picture book is aimed at helping children on the autistic spectrum learn conversational skills. And not only is the book highly explanatory in an easily understood way, but it also includes colourful work sheets to be photocopied. So.....the story goes that the engine starts the train, ie this is now you begin a conversation by saying 'hello' or 'hi', etc. The tender or coal carrier comes next, and that should equate to something like 'how are you' or 'what's up?' Each freight wagon is a conversation 'turn', which explains the way to speak in turn and to stay 'on the track' by not always talking about the things you are interested in. Changing topics is covered by showing a train track that divides. And, finally, the guard's van shows us how to end the conversation properly and not simply walk off. The book is a simple concept in simple sentences that will be reasonably easily grasped by children who find holding conversations difficult, and the pictures of the train will hold interest. This is a marvelous tool in the autistic spectrum world, and will provide fun as well as learning. Available from Amazon, from good book shops and from the publisher:
Age: 6+