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Play with me: including children with autism in mainstream primary schools ISBN: 9781899280483
Telmo, Isabel Cottinelli and Vaz, Ferdinanda
Published by The National Autistic Society, 2004
Originally published in Portuguese, this booklet explains many of the behavioural problems that children in primary schools may encounter in their autistic classmates. We meet John, who must learn in different ways, who sometimes bites or screams, who doesn't understand danger, but who can climb like a monkey and plays the piano really well. Many of the things that can irritate other children are explained, and the children in John's class learn to help him and to accept him as he is. Black and white, comic-style line drawings are scattered throughout. Available from: The National Autistic Society, 393 City Road, London EC1V 1NG (020 7833 2299).
Age: 6+