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Kristy and the secret of Susan ISBN: 9780590550765
Martin, Ann M.
Published by Hippo (Babysitters Club series), 1992
In the complex life o the Babysitters Club, Kristy gets a new job. Three afternoons a week she is to sit with Susan, an eight year old autistic child. Kristy is fascinated by Susan. Though she does not speak directly or communicate in any real way, she has special talents - such as being able to play and sing almost anything on the piano and knowing automatically the day of the week any specific date falls on. Kristy is convinced Susan should be allowed to stay at home and go to the special unit in the local primary school, but Susan's parents have arranged for her to board at a school with specialist music tuition. After some of the neighbourhood children try to exploit Susan's talents, Kristy realises she would be better off at her special school, where she can, perhaps, learn to communicate. Quite a lot of information about autism.
Age: 10+