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Sensory Smarts: A Book for Kids Struggling with Sensory Integration ISBN: 9781843107835
Berns, J.M., Chara, Christian P., Chara, Kathleen A. and Chara, Paul J.
Published by Jessica Kingsley, 2004
The authors of this book define sensory integration as 'problems in the detection and or processing of environmental or bodily events'. Their son, Christian, was diagnosed with sensory integration problems at the age of 5, and it is his story that we have here. He explains that children with these issues have problems with touch, sound, taste, smell, temperature, interactions with others, activity/energy levels and sleeping. Some are sensory-seekers, some are sensory-avoiders, and others have a combination of the two. He tells us about his different problems and therapies and makes clear that other children (or 'kids' - this is an American book) will have very different problems and hence different needs. He is very honest about the difficulties and that working on his therapies is hard, but worth the effort. He is telling his story at the age of 12 after 7 years of being helped, and the task is ongoing. Christian gives us 4 'Sensory Keys' which if followed will help the child to become a 'Sensory Smart'. At the back of the book we find information about a detailed reward system, along with charts to help; also an explanation of a possible 'school diet' to help with sensory problems, a list of calming and alerting activities, and some fun sensory ideas, such as using a sensory table and a recipe for gluten free, scented play dough. A sensitivity scale will help parents assess the level of their child's problems. Black and white illustrations are key to the whole. Available from Amazon or from the publisher at
Age: 10+