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My Autism Book: A Child's Guide to Their Autism Spectrum Diagnosis ISBN: 9781849054386
Dura-Vila, Gloria and Levi, Tamar
Published by Jessica Kingsley, 2013
This valuable picture book gives parents and children a chance to share and discuss the strengths and differences that a child newly-diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder may experience. The terms 'strengths' and 'differences' are used throughout in order to avoid any idea of failure, and the checklist of possible things the child might notice is given in positive terms. The checklist is quite comprehensive and covers such possibilities as 'I can be very honest' (with the admission that this can get one into trouble), 'I have strong powers of concentration', and 'I like to play or do my schoolwork by myself'. There are many, many more, and all are accompanied by very brightly-coloured pictures, one or two of which could be confusing. These illustrations do avoid showing facial expressions that ASD sufferers might find difficult to understand. Advice to parents is given at the beginning and at the end, and the final checklist has tic boxes and also space to add things - such as special interests and strengths and differences that have not been covered in the book. This book will be of real use to families with a newly-diagnosed child, and it can be used for many years as the child develops and changes. Available from Amazon, from bookshops and from the publisher: or Tel: 020 7 833 2307.
Age: 6+