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Playing by the rules - a story about autism ISBN: 9781890627836
Luchsinger, Dena Fox and Olson, Julie
Published by Woodbine House, 2007
Aunt Tilda has come for a visit, and Jody and Josh (who is autistic) don't know her very well yet. The word autism is never mentioned, but Aunt Tilda must learn Josh's very different set of life rules - his dislike of being touched, his inability to look directly at people, his use of sentence strips sometimes rather than speech, his asking for things over and over, and his need to have his toy animals in a special order. Jody is very matter-of-fact in explaining all this to Aunt Tilda, anad she accepts Josh just as he is, though she sometimes finds him vaguely irritating. Mum lurks in the background of this story, but it is the exuberant Jody who tells it and is the star. Soft pastel, expressive pictures help the story along. An American book, it is available in the UK from Gazelle Books, email:, Tel: 01524 68765.
Age: 6+