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Tomas Loves...: A Rhyming Book about Fun, Friendship - And Autism ISBN: 9781849055444
Telford, Jane and Welton, Jude
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015
This lovely, rhyming picture book tells the story of Tomos and all his likes and dislikes. As he is autistic, these are such things as enjoying playing with trains, watching cars in the road, listening to stories that have lots of repetition, jumping on trampolines, and liking to repeat funny words like 'thingamybob and flipertyjane'. He really hates loud noises, though, as well as not knowing what is going to happen at any given time: 'Tomos feels safe if he knows what will happen. If he's stressed or upset, his hands might start flapping.' Mum is very good about explaining what will happen each day and draws a chart for him to see in pictures. Morning and evening always follow the same pattern with his special dog Flynn there to greet him and to hear his bedtime story, and during the day he eats things that don't have gluten or dairy products in them because they hurt his tummy. The pictures are wonderfully sensitive and show us a happy lad with understanding parents who know his ways and do their best for him. The book will be invaluable in classrooms, particularly those with an autistic pupil who may be a bit different from the other children but who needs friends and fun just like they do. Tomos is a winner!
Age: 3+