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Andy and his yellow frisbee ISBN: 9780933149830
Thompson, Mary
Published by Woodbine House, 1996
Sarah is new in school, and she notices a boy in the playground who spends every play time spinning his yellow frisbee. He never does anything else, and Sarah is intrigued. Rosie is at the school too, and she keeps an eye on her brother Andy, understanding that his autism makes him want to be on his own and spin things - coins, dinner plates, and the frisbee - and because he doesn't talk much, he gets upset easily when people get too close. When Rosie sees Sarah is moving closer to Andy, she is concerned. Will he get upset? But Sarah pulls a pink frisbee out of her school bag and shows it to Andy. He shows no real interest, but allows her to sit near him, and Sarah understands that he uses the frisbee much as she uses her favourite teddy, to help her feel safe. Sarah and Rosie play with the pink frisbee, and someday, perhaps, Andy will show Sarah how to spin hers. This book has an almost poetic quality in the text, and the simply drawn pictures compliment it nicely. Some American words may need explanation. Available in the UK from Gazelle Books (email:, Tel: 01524 68765).
Age: 6+