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Can I Tell You about Autism?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals ISBN: 9781849054539
Telford, Jane and Welton, Jude
Published by Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2014
Half of this book is Tom's story about his autism, and the other half is a detailed explanation about how adults can help, including creating structure for the child, using visual supports and social stories, and coping with toileting issues and challenging behaviour. There is also a good, detailed section on the 'jargon' and vocabulary used by professionals about autism - excellent for parents of newly-diagnosed children. Tom tells his own story with words that would probably not be used by autistic children. In fact, his explanation of his own autism is fairly sophisticated and very honest. This section of the book is best used with classmates or siblings or friends rather than the child himself. A brief introduction for children makes this quite clear. Tom explains what autism feels like to him, what he likes and dislikes, and how people around him can help. There is a list of books and DVDs for adults, and a comprehensive range of useful websites from around the world. There is also a personal profile at the very end of the book that could be of great use. A parent or carer fills out the child's details such as, 'I communicate my needs by'..., and 'Things that upset me are'... and 'It calms me down if''... Presumably this could be handed over in new situations so that an adult would have some perspective on the child. Black and white illustrations in Tom's story add to the text. The book is available from Amazon, from good bookshops and from the publisher at
Age: 9+