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All about feelings ISBN: 9781474937115
Allen, Frankie, Brooks, Felicity and Ferrero, Mar
Published by Usborne Publishing Ltd., 2019
This splendid book about feelings covers a huge number of them, and the explanations are clear and interactive as to presentation. Pictures of children showing their emotions abound, and there are speech bubbles to say why they are feeling the way they are. Some emotions are given colours: red for anger, blue for sadness, yellow for happy, and green for calm. Feelings usually happen for a reason, and these reasons can be complex or simple, and sometimes one can feel two emotions at the same time - excitement for learning to swim, but rather worried about trying something so new, for instance. These feelings can seem 'jumbled up'. Furthermore, one can feel lots of different emotions in any one day. One double-paged spread follows Lara through an entire day and the the many different emotions she experiences. Talking about feelings is emphasized in a number of sections and also the importance of finding ways to help when negative feelings take over - that you don't have to explode - and these ways of helping are varied and realistic. We have choices in our feelings too; we can find positives about most situations if we try, and the negative ones may hurt only ourselves or, perhaps others too. We can actively help our friends and families by seeing that they are experiencing a difficult feeling and offering to help, making a friend of a new pupil in school for instance. 'Everyone sometimes gets stuck with a difficult feeling or lets fizzy feelings explode. But remember that difficult feelings do pass and it's OK to ask for help if you need it.' This book is full of ideas, information, great pictures of busy children doing all sorts of things and an interactive element that really works. It also could be helpful for Autistic children who can have problems recognising the feelings of others. An excellent choice for schools or home.
Age: 4+