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Is It OK to Ask Questions about Autism? ISBN: 9781785921704
Barton, Michael, Frizzell, Catherine and Rawlins, Abi
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017
Children experiencing the autistic spectrum for the first time can find it difficult to understand why another child may be different. This must bring about questions, and in this beautifully produced book, we have many answers to questions that children have often asked. In a series of sections, a letter is first introduced aimed at 'Parents, Teachers and Allies' which explains what is happening in each section. The first two sections are aimed mostly at parents, teachers and interested adults. These are: What is Autism and Let's Learn About Autism. The two sections have child-like qualities and simple text but are better used by those who are working with children and need to know more of the context. By section three, How Can I Be a Good Friend? we are into the questions that primary children often ask, such as, 'Is it easy to make friends when you are autistic?' and, 'My friend is autistic. How can I help them if they are feeling worried or scared?' Each section has seven sub-sections with questions, and each double page spread asks and answers a question on the left side whilst the right side contains wonderfully colourful potato-shaped people reacting to the question and its answer. The fourth section in a similar format is What Is It Like to Live With Autism and answers such questions as 'how do lights, noises and smells affect autistic people?' and 'why does my autistic friend do things over and over again?' The fifth and last section, Is It OK for Me to Ask Questions?, contains such questions as 'is autism a disability?' and, 'can you catch autism?' Serious and easily understood, the book also has humour, particularly in the illustrations, and there is much here to enjoy as well as learn. There is emphasis on kindness and understanding and the fact that autistic people are just different and have their own strengths and abilities. Excellent for the classroom, teachers will find lots here, both for themselves as well as their pupils. A list of 'Ten Tips for Teachers' at the end of the book summarizes the points helpfully. Available from Amazon, from good book shops, and from the publisher at
Age: 8+