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Liam Knows What to Do When Kids Act Snitty: Coping When Friends are Tactless: Coping When Friends Are Tactless (Liam Says) (Liam Books) ISBN: 9781843109020
Banks, Jane Whelen
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2008
In this story about Liam, we see him trying hard to impress his friends with his tricks and somersaults, but they tend to be un-amazed - possibly rightly so when he pushes 'his nose to his face, showing the boogery inside of his nostrils'! Liam thinks he should be congratulated on the super things he does, but he must learn to feel good about himself even when kids are 'snitty' - to move on and not let it worry him. In the end he is congratulated for something he has done that is really worthwhile. I was a little concerned about the message that it is okay to show off. Perhaps Liam needs to learn that friends are apt to turn difficult when someone expects applause. The story, aimed at autistic children, faces a real problem, and the expressive but simple stick figures are visually effective. Available from Amazon, from bookshops, or from the publisher at
Age: 4+