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I'll Tell You Why I Can't Wear Those Clothes!: Talking about Tactile Defensiveness ISBN: 9781849055109
O'Sullivan, Noreen
Published by Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2014
This beautifully produced book about a little understood condition known as tactile defensiveness will be invaluable to a number of children and their parents who need to be able to understand the disorder. Children, often those on the autistic spectrum but others too, can experience great sensitivity to the way different things feel on their skin. They may refuse to put clothes or shoes on, or actually scream and cry when made to do so. The little girl in the lovely portrait photography in this book calls the condition 'The Annoying Thing', and it must be highly annoying indeed! The layout of the book is an interesting one. Each double page spread contains a photograph and an empty page with a question on it relating to what the child has explained about her life. The reader can then draw or write what he or she thinks about the question being asked, so in this sense, it is interactive. Designed for being used with an adult parent or carer, the book will provide lots of points for discussion and for understanding just how the child feels. The little girl doesn't like taking baths or using a seat belt or having her hair brushed or wearing socks that don't feel 'just right'. She knows that other people don't understand why these things bother her so and she wishes she didn't feel so isolated. The story is charming and gentle but with a real feeling of sadness that something so basic to her is so hard for others to accept. There is a considerable list of useful websites at the end of the book which should help in practical ways. An interesting book which will provide empathy and understanding. Available from good bookshops, from Amazon, or from the publisher:
Age: 4+