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It's Raining and I'm Okay: A Calming Story to Help Children Relax When They Go Out and About ISBN: 9781785923197
Devine, Adele and Devine, Quentin
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017
Aimed at children with special educational needs including autism, this book will also be useful for children who suffer from great anxiety for other reasons. The child in the story (neutral gender) has lots of reasons for feeling anxious and upset, and through it all he/she learns how to handle these feelings and get over them. A trip to the park is spoiled because of rain: 'On no! Too wet to stop and play. I count, I breathe and I'm okay.' When wanting a toy in a shop, he/she must learn to wait for a birthday by counting down days on a calendar; a long wait in a shop is again solved by counting and breathing; a broken lift has to be circumvented by using stairs; a busy, noisy cafe is accepted by finding a quiet seat; a drink spill in the cafe is mopped up and all is well; a need for a wee is solved by finding a toilet. Many other situations are encountered by the child and his/her mum and solutions are found. The counting and breathing technique figures in many of them and will be of real use. The simple, large-figured illustrations are colourful and very easily understood. For children who 'lose it' in stressful situations, this story will give real help in how to overcome stress, and the symbols at the bottom of each page will help pre-readers and those who find reading hard able to feel included in the book. There are down-loadable resources for teachers as well. An excellent choice for SEN groups. Available from Amazon, from good book shops, and from the publisher:
Age: 3+