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Babies Are Noisy: A Book for Big Brothers and Sisters Including Those on the Autism Spectrum ISBN: 9781849054591
Byrne, Beth and Harrison, Anne-marie
Published by Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2013
Andre is autistic, and as he is going to have a new brother or sister, he needs to learn all about babies. The detail in this book is excellent - all the way from Andre's learning that the baby is growing in his mummy's tummy, to his going to the hospital with her for check-ups and taking his special toys so he doesn't get upset, to learning how long the baby has to stay in mummy's tummy and all the things babies need. After Sam is born, Andre continues to call him 'My Baby', and he finds that the busy-ness and the noise are difficult to cope with. Visitors come too, and he retreats to his 'special cushion' where he can listen to music and play quietly. The presents are fun, though, and he finds a special rattle that he plays with himself. His parents teach him that while the baby can't do much yet, he will be able to play some day, and Andre decides he will need to have a box to keep his special toys out of the way of the baby. He learns about breast milk and formula milk too, and is always glad when his mum stops Sam's crying by feeding him. Sometimes Andre helps bath Sam, and when they are together in the back seat of the car, he hates having Sam cry. There are all sorts of things that Andre learns about babies, including the fact that he is now a brother. 'I like being a special big brother, but I still like being Andre too!' The pictures are simple and full of colour and will provide a focal point to the story. A very useful book and beautifully produced. Available from book shops, from Amazon, and from the publisher:, Tel: 020 7833 2307.
Age: 4+