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Through the Eyes of Us ISBN: 9781912654802
Roberts, Jon and Rounding, Hannah
Published by Graffeg, 2019
Kya and Martha are best friends; they share school and fun and they are both autistic. Kya’s father has written this book about his ‘beautiful daughter’ and her friend, and we see them both at home and in their class at school. The girls enjoy many of the same things but they are quiet different too. Kya is quiet, while Martha is very talkative, asking lots of questions in class (sometimes the same ones over and over); Kya doesn’t like going to bed and tends to be very active before bed time, while Martha takes herself off to sleep as soon as she’s tired. Kya loves making a mess when she eats, and Martha sometimes eats too much because she can’t tell when she’s full. We learn lots about the girls, their school, their ways, and their fun, and it is fun for us to see their joy in life. The illustrations are a perfect sign of that joy as they are full of explosive colour and activity. Kya’s dad has written another book about his daughter: Through the Eyes of Me. This one is a lovely evocation of two young girls enjoying themselves and each other.
Age: 8+