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Self-esteem/Being different

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'Althea', Best, Charlie and Jude, ConnyI'm me and you are you8+
'Griff' and Dalton, AnnieLilac Peabody and Bella Bright8+
Adams, Georgie and Fisher, ChrisMurdoch Mole's big idea3+
Adler, Charlie and Stout, Shawn K.Penelope Crumb Never Forgets8+
Al-Ghani, Haitham and Al-Ghani, K. I.Baby Blue Has the Blues5+
Almond, DavidMy Name is Mina10+
Almond, David and Dunbar, PollyMy dad's a birdman7+
Altiero, JoannNo more stinking thinking9+
Amos, Janine and Green, GwenConfident6+
Anderson, Laura EllenI Don’t Want to Be Small4+
Anderson, Scoular and Cate, DickBernard's gang6+
Anganuzzi, ClaraStrong5+
Antony, SteveAmazing3+
Banks, Jane WhelenLovable Liam3+
Bardoff, Naomi and Hirst, JoA House for Everyone: A Story to Help Children Learn about Gender Identity and Gender Expression5+
Barker, Vicky, Costa, Natalie and Cox, BethStretch Your Confidence : Discover what you can do!8+
Bartlett, Alison and Blackman, MalorieJessica Strange3+
Bell, Davina and Colpoys, AllisonAll the Ways to Be Smart4+
Bendall-Brunello, John and Hayes, SarahEasy peasy6+
Bernasconi, PabloThe wizard the ugly and the book of shame5+
Biddulph, RobOdd Dog Out4+
Billington, RachelFar out!10+
Binch, Caroline and Hoffman, MaryAmazing Grace Anniversary Edition: Over 1 MILLION copies sold worldwide5+
Blake, Quentin and Rosen, MichaelOn the Move: Poems About Migration10+
Bocam, Emily and Puttock, SimonYou're too big!3+
Bone, Ian and Craig, SmithPimple-head and Curly8+
Box, Su and Poole, SusieYou are Very Special4+
Boyne, John and Jeffers, OliverThe Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket10+
Briggs, John and Slater, NicolaLeaping Lemmings!6+
Brisenden, Rhys and Reed, NathanIncredible You5+
Brown, Ken and Oram, HiawynLittle Giant and the Jabber-Jabber5+
Burgerman, JonEverybody Has a Body3+
Calland, Chris, Hutchinson, Nicky and Smid, EmmiMinnie and Max are OK!: A Story to Help Children Develop a Positive Body Image4+
Cave, Kathryn and Riddell, ChrisSomething Else5+
Chamberlain, Margaret and Pomranz, CraigMade By Raffi7+
Chamberlain, Margaret and Rickards, LynnePink!4+
Chandler, Richy K.Lucy the Octopus10+
Chissick, Michael and Peacock, SarahLadybird's Remarkable Relaxation: How Children (and Frogs, Dogs, Flamingos and Dragons) Can Use Yoga Relaxation to Help Deal with Stress, Grief, Bully4+
Clark, NeilRusty The Squeaky Robot5+
Claybourne, AnnaSelf-esteem and Mental Health (Healthy for Life series)11+
Coelho, Joseph and Colpoys, AllisonMy Beautiful Voice6+
Cole, BabetteThree cheers for Errol!4+
Collins, Peggy and Griffiths, NeilShaun the Shy Shark3+
Collins, RossThis Zoo is Not for You4+
Cooper, HelenThe tale of Bear2+
Cornell, Laura and Curtis, Jamie LeeI'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem7+
Crawford-White, Helen and Shevah, EmmaDream on, Amber10+
Creech, SharonThe Boy on the Porch10+
Dale, Elizabeth and Darcy, LiamDelightfully Different Dilly3+
Dale, Elizabeth and Straaten, Harmen VanHammy6+
Daly, Niki and Hartman, WendyAll the magic in the world4+
Danziger, PaulaThe cat ate my gymsuit11+
Davies, JoDudley top dog3+
Deacon, Alexis and Hicks, Barbara JeanJitterbug jam5+
DiCamillo, Kate and Ering, Timothy BasilThe tale of Despereaux10+
Dickens, Frances and Hudspith, PeterThe Giant from Nowhere5+
Dillon, James and McHale, KaraOkay Kevin: A Story to Help Children Discover How Everyone Learns Differently5+
Donovan, Sally and McHale, KaraBilly Bramble and The Great Big Cook Off8+
Dumont, Jean-FrancoisLittle Goose Goes Out of Step (Picture Books)3+
Emmett, Jonathan and Harry, RebeccaOnce upon a time upon a nest3+
Empson, JoRabbityness 3+
Entrekin, Alison (Translator) and Furnari, EvaFuzz McFlops6+
Farrer, Maria and Rieley, DanielMe and Mister P7+
Faulks, Ben and Tazzyman, DavidWhat Makes Me A Me?5+
Fine, AnneUp on cloud nine10+
Finlay, LizzieDandylion5+
Fleischman, Paul and Hawkes, KevinWeslandia5+
Foreman, MichaelThe Littlest Dinosaur3+
Geoghegan, Adrienne and Moseng, ElisabethSix perfectly different pigs4+
Glen, MaggieRuby4+
Godden, RumerThe diddakoi10+
Gravett, EmilyCyril and Pat3+
Grimshaw, KathFrankie's Foibles: A story about a boy who worries6+
Haddon, MarkThe real Porky Philips8+
Haig, Matt and Mould, ChrisThe Truth Pixie Goes to School8+
Halls, Smrita and Pye, AliWho Are You?5+
Hamann, Sigune and Mitchell, AdrianMaudie and the green children5+
Hamilton, Emily and Knightsmith, PookyThe Healthy Coping Colouring Book and Journal: Creative Activities to Help Manage Stress, Anxiety and Other Big Feelings9+
Harrold, A.F. and Pinfold, LeviThe Song from Somewhere Else9+
Higgins, Graham and Nikapota, AnulaQuackeline - the duck who wanted to be a swan4+
Hillyard, KimGretel the Wonder Mammoth : A story about overcoming anxiety5+
Ho, Dung and Ho, JoannaEyes That Kiss in the Corners7+
Hood, MoragColin and Lee, Carrot and Pea2+
Hoopmann, Kathy and Kiss, J.S.Elemental Island9+
Irani, Neil and Yun, ParkThe Goblin and the Girl6+
Jabar, Cynthia and Spires, ElizabethThe big meow3+
Janmohamed, Shelina and Timothy, ChanteBeYOUtiful : Radiate confidence, celebrate difference and express yourself11+
Joyce, Dunbar and Thompson, CarolI wish I could count to a million2+
Kemp, Anna and Ogilvie, SaraDogs Don't Do Ballet4+
Kirk, Phoebe and Reeves, AliceCarlos the Chameleon: A Story to Help Empower Children to Be Themselves (Truth & Tails Children's Books)5+
Kirk, Phoebe and Reeves, AliceMolly the Mole: A Story to Help Children Build Self-Esteem (Truth & Tails Children's Books)5+
Kline, Zachary and Sinarski, JessicaRiley the Brave: The Little Cub with Big Feelings!4+
Knapp, Cecilia and others and Manopov, Masha and othersCourage in a Poem: poems about empowerment9+
Krackow, Eric T.The Lollipop Monster4+
Laird, ElizabethThe Misunderstandings of Charity Brown10+
Lowery, MarkCharlie and Me10+
Mackesy, CharlieThe Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse8+
Mafaridik, Nasaya and Mian, ZanibPlanet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet8+
Magerl, Caroline and Millard, GlendaThe Naming of Tishkin Silk (Kingdom of Silk)7+
Mann, Manjeet and Quartey, AmandaSmall's Big Dream5+
Marlow, Layn and Stewart, AmberLittle by little3+
McCloud, Carol and Messing, DavidHave You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids5+
McCombie, KarenAngels Next Door 9+
McKay, HilaryDolphin luck9+
McKee, DavidElmer: The Story of a Patchwork Elephant2+
McLaughlin, TomAlong Came a Different4+
McNeill, Julie, McNeill, Paul and Stone, RossieMission Dyslexia : Find Your Superpower and be Your Brilliant Self9+
Mitchell, Sandy and Robson, JennyBalaclava Boy8+
Monks, LydiaI wish I were a dog2+
Monnier, MiriamJust right!3+
Moore, Julianne and Pham, LeuyenFreckleface Strawberry6+
Morgan, AngieEnormouse3+
Morse, SimonThe Adventures of Rocket Kid4+
Nery, Lindsay D. and Raarup, EdFireflies and Shooting Stars: The Tale of Enzo (Book with CD)4+
Nikapota, Anula and Pearlman, CorinnePeaches - the puppy who screeches4+
Parr, ToddIt's Okay To Be Different3+
Parr, ToddThe okay book3+
Parsons, AlexandraI am special7+
Peacock, Sarah and Treisman, KarenGilly the Giraffe Learns to Love Herself : a story about self-esteem5+
Percival, TomPerfectly Norman5+
Pittar, Gill nd Morrell, CrisMilly, Molly and Betelgeuse4+
Poli, Giuseppe and Wallace, AdamInvisible Jerry6+
Prime, A.A.(trans) and Thore, Maria NilssonA Pack of Your Own8+
Redford, Ali and Simpson, KaraThe Mermaid Who Couldn't6+
Reynolds, Peter H.ish3+
Richardson, JohnGrunt3+
Roberts, David and Wilson, JacquelineMy Brother Bernadette (Yellow bananas)7+
Sachar, LouisThere's a boy in the girls' bathroom10+
Sharratt, Nick and Wilson, JacquelineThe illustrated mum10+
Sif, BirgittaOliver5+
Smale, HollyGeek Girl11+
Smid, EmmiRainbow Village : a story to help children celebrate diversity3+
Solis, ValeriePink for polar bear4+
Sorosiak, Carlie and Walker, KatieRoar Like a Lion9+
Spinelli, JerryLoser10+
Stevens, RobWould the Real Stanley Carrot Please Stand Up?10+
Strid, Jakob MartinLittle Frog5+
Stuart, ScottMy Shadow is Pink5+
Sturton, MargaretA Fox Called Herbert5+
Sullivan, JennyThe Great Cake Bake9+
Terry, MichaelRhino's horns3+
Trajan, JacquieTiggy3+
Velthuijs, MaxFrog is frog3+
Vincent, VincentTurn Off, Live On10+
Winter, TamsinJemima Small Versus the Universe10+
Wisdom, JudithThe Island4+
Yoon, SalinaBe a Friend6+