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Turn Off, Live On ISBN: 9781526361820
Vincent, Vincent
Published by Wren & Rook, 2019
This 156 page book gives ’75 clever ways to switch offline, boost confidence and unleash creativity’ and is full of quotes from famous people who have learned how to be themselves which in this case means learning how to use phones and social media in positive and creative ways without letting it take over your life. Lots of pictures to draw, puzzles to do, and ways to relax can have a positive effect on those who are concerned about unkind or bullying friends on social media, those who spend too much time on it, and those with serious problems and worries about their self-confidence. Mindfulness and relaxing are themes in lots of different ways, as is the importance of getting rid of the apps you don’t need or like, and being careful about picking up messages on your phone when other people are around. It’s all good common sense, and the layout will appeal to youngsters. This is a book you must buy as there are lots of pages that will be drawn on, coloured-in, or written on not a library book, then. Much to think about and do will appeal to children who like to take an active role in helping themselves. As the author says, ‘this is a fun way to step back from our screens and tune into the here and now.’
Age: 10+