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Okay Kevin: A Story to Help Children Discover How Everyone Learns Differently ISBN: 9781785927324
Dillon, James and McHale, Kara
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017
When Kevin starts kindergarten, he never smiles and almost never speaks. At home he's fine - a normal little boy who enjoys lots of activity and fun - but at school he finds he can't think as quickly as the other children and never seems to be able to answer questions, even though he knows the answer: 'The other kids are just faster and smarter than me. They are okay and I'm not okay.' This is a depressing thought, and when the teacher calls the other pupils to her desk to assess them, his assessment seems to take much longer, even though the teacher is very encouraging. When he is told he needs some extra help, this only adds to his low self-esteem. The reading teacher is very nice and helpful, and she and Kevin make progress, but he is still not up to 'grade level'. She comes up with a really good idea for Kevin. The school is opening a school shop to sell things like paper and pencils and notebooks, and she thinks Kevin would make an excellent shop manager. He is unsure, but with training and practice, he proves to her and to himself that this is something he can do well. In opening the shop, he makes lots of friends amongst the other children and the staff as well, and everyone is friendly and encouraging, particularly the principal. She convinces him that he is 'okay' and even A1 okay, and he's a happy lad. This is an American story, which means some American terminology, including the money, but in no way does this disrupt the story. Great illustrations and a 'Guide to Parents and Educators' at the end add much to the value, and Kevin is a real hero!
Age: 5+