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Fireflies and Shooting Stars: The Tale of Enzo (Book with CD) ISBN: 9780985973940
Nery, Lindsay D. and Raarup, Ed
Published by MoonWatch Productions LLC, 2012
Enzo, a little firefly, has loving and protective parents, who are concerned because he has not yet developed the light in his tail. This causes problems for Enzo as he experiences teasing from his friends, and he doesn't understand why he is not like the other fireflies. Enzo is also a very brave little firefly, and in saving the life of a small tadpole, he makes a life-long friend. When he and his parents hear the Star Song, he is happy, and his mum tells him the story of Joel, a firefly who flew to the stars and met Nell, a shooting star who gave all fireflies their lights. Enzo decides to fly to the stars himself to find his light, but when he does so, Joel and Nell tell him that his light is from within his heart, and that it is his other talents that will see him through. The idea for this story originated from an American couple who set up a playground in Pennsylvania for children with all kinds of disability, Firefly Field. The text is full of American-eze, which is fun, and the illustrations are wonderful, full of light and life and emotion. The book is long for a picture book, 137 pp, but with the proliferation of pictures, it goes quickly. I suppose one must admit there is a certain amount of 'smaltz' in the story, but Enzo is lovable, and the CD of songs that accompanies the story will be enjoyed by children too. The whole effect is of a musical, and certainly music -ie the Star Song - is important to the story. Enzo is a winner! Available from Amazon, good bookshops and from the distributors in this country: email (Tel: 01524 68765).
Age: 4+