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Rabbityness ISBN: 9781846434822
Empson, Jo
Published by Childs Play Intl Ltd, 2012
This very special black rabbit likes to do all sorts of things that other rabbits do - such as hopping and twirling his whiskers and washing his ears. But he also loves to do 'unrabbity things' like painting and making music. Such is his talent and creativity that the other rabbits are made happy by his happiness, and when he suddenly disappears, they are bereft. The world loses its colour, and they don't know how to get it back. But our rabbity friend has left gifts for them down in his deep, dark hole, and when they discover the paint brushes and the musical instruments, they find happiness again in their friend's unrabbity interests and in remembering him. Explosions of colour decorate the pages of this smashing picture book. Rabbit's talents are not hidden under a barrel but spring forth from a joyous character full of noise and beauty. He paints the trees and the musical instruments and in so doing proves that ordinary rabbits can have extraordinary talents and that those of us who are 'different' can also shine in our own ways. This may be about death or it may just be about the loss of a friend who makes our world brighter. Whichever it is, it helps us see that loss is devastating, but that we can find ways of coping that make us happy again.
Age: 3+