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BeYOUtiful : Radiate confidence, celebrate difference and express yourself ISBN: 9781789562958
Janmohamed, Shelina and Timothy, Chante
Published by Welbeck Publishing Group, 2022
This brightly illustrated book about body confidence and believing in oneself will be of great interest to girls just approaching puberty, but also to those of a greater age who may need some help with self-esteem. The emphasis here is on the fact that every body is different, and that doesn't mean there are 'right' bodies and 'wrong' bodies; beauty is a movable feast, and through the ages different types of bodies have been considered beautiful. A good section on the worldwide history of what was beautiful in different ages and different places makes this clear. There are two sections on different parts of the body, hair and skin, and these sections are not telling you about products or things you should be doing, but on the other hand, they do explain some of the things that might affect one's skin or hair negatively and that really should be avoided. Each section has one or two famous women who have made differences in society by what they have done with their bodies - Jane Fonda, Twiggy, Frida Kahlo, Barbra Streisand, Cleopatra and many, many others. The positivity and insistence that beauty is something each of us have, both outwardly and inwardly, and that our decisions about the way we look are entirely our own, are life affirming, and the illustrations are uniformly great, full of girly pictures and lots of pink and blue and large hand-written-style chapter headings. This will appeal to lots of parents as well as girls, as the philosophy behind it is a good one. An index, a glossary and a list of further information add to the whole.
Age: 11+