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Self-esteem and Mental Health (Healthy for Life series) ISBN: 9781445149790
Claybourne, Anna
Published by Franklin Watts, 2016
While much of this series of information books is aimed at teenagers, there is nothing in this one that could not be understood by slightly younger kids, and the pictures seem to be aimed at such. There are lots of them, colourful and relevant, but rather childish-looking. This is not a criticism, just a comment. There’s lots of good information about the brain and how it makes us the people we are, the difference in low self-esteem and the high sort, and the fact that mental and physical health are connected. There’s information about how to stay healthy and keep both body and mind in good condition. We also learn about different kinds of mental health problems – depression, stress, anxiety, etc. – and the usefulness of mindfulness, the right kind of assertiveness, and the need for talking about things that are bothering us. At the end there is a Support Guide, which is a summary of the information in the book and gives a concise way of remembering the suggestions of ways to help ourselves – and friends. A Glossary, a list of books, helplines and support, websites, and an Index are included.
Age: 11+