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Fuzz McFlops ISBN: 9781782690757
Entrekin, Alison (Translator) and Furnari, Eva
Published by Pushkin Children's Books, 2015
A quite unique short novel that will appeal to unusual kids who for some reason feel different and not part of the crowd, or who have a physical disability that makes them feel unloved. Translated from the Portuguese, the story is about a poet, Fuzz McFlops, a rabbit who is a loner because as a child he was teased about one ear being considerably shorter than the other, and he had to use a Bunny Perfection Earlongator, which was painful and not at all helpful. He lives in a burrow and never goes out and writes very sad, singular books of poetry. He never reads his fan mail either, until one day the post brings a large letter in a violet envelope. This turns out to be a critique of some of his poetry, and the sender, Charlotte, has written her own poem, also singular, that is happier. Fuzz becomes so upset that he has an attack of 'earspasmitis' and must take Twitchannul, his medication for this painful condition. He becomes intrigued with Charlotte, though, and after several exchanges of letters, he tells her of his sad condition and why he feels he can't accept her kind invitation to tea. All comes well in the end, and the two rabbits marry. He writes her a song (with music) about ears and how it doesn't matter how long or short or curly they are, and they live happily ever after. At the end, there is a sort of glossary that explains some of the bigger words used in the story, and with the explanations are pictures of some of Fuzz and Charlotte's relatives making unusual comments about the explanations. I think it is safe to say that this may well be the most unusual children's book around! I loved it! It won't appeal to every child, but those with an atypical sense of humour will delight in it.
Age: 6+