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'Althea' and Wimperis, SarahWhen Uncle Bob died5+
Amos, Janine, Green, Gwen and Hampton, AngelaDeath7+
Ashley, BernardSeeing off Uncle Jack10+
Bartlett, Alison and Puttock, SimonA story for Hippo4+
Booth, Anne and Litchfield, DavidA Shelter for Sadness8+
Bryant-Mole, KarenWhat do we think about death?6+
Cobb, Rebecca and Davies, NicolaThe Day War Came6+
Cobb, Rebecca and Donaldson, JuliaThe paper dolls4+
Colgan, Jenny and Docherty, ThomasPolly and the Puffin5+
Cooper, Dutch and Jutte, JanJosie10+
Corr, Christopher and Rock, LoisHeaven in a poem5+
Coulter-Cruttenden, DawnBear Shaped5+
Creech, Sharon and Horne, SarahSaving Winslow7+
Crossland, Caroline and McCardie, AmandaThe frog ballet4+
Dale, Unity-Joy, Jay, Caroline and Thomas, JenniWhat Does Dead Mean?: A Book for Young Children to Help Explain Death and Dying4+
Danziger, PaulaUnited Tates of America - a scrapbook novel10+
Dean, Venitia and Lacey, JaneDealing with ... When People Die5+
Empson, JoRabbityness 3+
Foreman, MichaelEvie and the man who helped God3+
Gaines, Arlen Grad and Polsky, Meredith EnglanderI Have a Question about Death: A Book for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Other Special Needs6+
Goldman, LindaChildren Also Grieve: Talking About Death and Healing7+
Harker, Lesley and Thomas, PatI miss you6+
Haughton, EmmaDealing with death11+
Helbert, KarlaFinding Your Own Way to Grieve: A Creative Activity Workbook for Kids and Teens on the Autism Spectrum6+
Hewitt, SallyWhen People Die (How Can I Deal With?)6+
Hudson, Annabel and Piper, SophieThinking of Heaven: Prayers for Sad Goodbyes6+
Ingpen, Robert and Mellonie, BryanBeginnings and endings and lifetimes in between6+
Jay, Alison and Puttock, SimonA ladder to the stars5+
Jeffers, OliverThe Heart and the Bottle11+
Jitta, Ceseli JosephusLola and the Rent-a-Cat5+
Jordan, Philip and Levete, GinaTalking to My Gran About Dying: My School Project8+
Kadmon, Christina and Weigelt, UdoBear's last journey4+
Leutner, Dianne and Postgate, DanielRemembering.....4+
Levete, SarahHow do I feel about...when people die6+
Levette, SarahWhen People Die (Thoughts and Feelings)6+
Lewis, C.S.The last battle7+
Mattern, JoanneDeath (The Real Deal)10+
Morpurgo, MichaelThe butterfly lion9+
Moxley, Sheila and Rock, LoisWhen goodbye is for ever4+
Murphy, PatriciaDeath (Tough Topics)6+
Myers, Steve and Sanders, PeteWhen people die10+
Percival, TomTilda Tries Again5+
Powell, JillianFamily Crises (Emotional Health Issues)9+
Robinson, Hilary and Stanley, MandyThe Copper Tree6+
Sanders, BruceTalking about death and dying8+
Singer, NickyThe Flask11+
Stickney, DorisWater bugs and dragonflies - explaining death to children5+
Thompson, ColinHow To Live Forever (Red Fox picture books)6+
Varley, SusanBadger's parting gifts4+
Velthuijs, MaxFrog and the birdsong3+
White, E.B. and Williams, GarthCharlotte's web7+