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When People Die (How Can I Deal With?) ISBN: 9780749670900
Hewitt, Sally
Published by Franklin Watts, 2007
In the first story in this book we meet Lola, whose grandmother has just died. Her parents have decided she is not to be told because she is too young, and Lola thinks her granny has gone away because she doesn't love them anymore. Lola's big brother understands Lola's feelings, and Lola asks her mum to tell her the truth about what has happened to granny. After this initial story, there is a chapter explaining what death is and then follows a series of vignettes about different children suffering the death of someone close, their feelings and how they are helped. There is Tim who doesn't want to go to his dad's funeral because it is too final for him, Wes whose brother was killed in an accident and whose parents are now being overprotective, Vikki who has lost her mother and is worried she will never stop being sad, Luke, who because his friend has died believes he or his parents will die too, Nesta who lost a baby sister and believes her parents loved the baby more than they love her, and Brendan who doesn't want to worry his parents by admitting how much he misses his granddad. The final story is a playlet between Caitlin and Scott in which they explain their feelings when their friend Ruby died. All these children are helped by being given coping strategies that help them come to terms with their loss, and they learn to talk out their feelings with their family or friends. There are also suggestions of things to do to remember someone special. Large print and lots of photos help the book along, and there is a glossary, an index, some information for parents and carers, and lists of websites for children and adults. A caring and sensitive book with realistic stories.
Age: 6+