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A ladder to the stars ISBN: 9780711215757
Jay, Alison and Puttock, Simon
Published by Frances Lincoln, 2001
A little girl wishes on a star on her 7th birthday - wishes she could climb up and dance with the star. The star, hearing her wish, consults the moon, who in turn consults the sun. They all, along with the wind and the clouds, decide on a plan. The wind blows a seed into the little girl's garden; the seed grows into a tall tree, and many years later, the star comes to the little girl's window and invites her to climb the tree so she can dance with him. Now 107, the old lady protests she cannot do it, but the star insists. With much effort and grumbling, the old lady climbs the tree and 'pushed and wriggled and heaved her way through the satin skin of the sky'. There, she and her special star dance through eternity - a joyous picture. This very beautiful picture book will provide comfort to children whatever their family beliefs, and will foster the idea that life has plan and pattern.
Age: 5+