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Talking about death and dying ISBN: 9780749653941
Sanders, Bruce
Published by Franklin Watts, 2003
Using a question and answer approach, the book discusses in detail such topics as exactly what death means, why people can be afraid of it, how people feel after someone has died and how they deal with grief, why it is difficult to talk about, and some strategies to help grieving people feel better. 'Did You Know' and 'Think About' boxes give short bites of information, and there are colour photos throughout - some of which are more appropriate than others. The mixture of feelings is emphasised, as well as the different ways grief can affect different people. Interestingly, the effect TV news can have on children is discussed, and the advisability of talking to a parent or teacher about seeing something disturbing is suggested. Finally, there is a section on the euphemisms people sometimes use to describe death and why these can be misleading: gone to sleep, gone away, etc. There is a lengthy list of web sites, phone numbers and an index.
Age: 8+