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Death (Tough Topics) ISBN: 9780431907888
Murphy, Patricia
Published by Heinemann Raintree, 2008
One of a series of issue books aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 children which will also be useful for lesser ability older children. The main theme of this book is the feelings that are engendered by the death of someone close. Guilt, sadness, anger, and loneliness are talked about, along with the importance of finding someone to share these feelings with. We learn about why people die and that sometimes it is sudden and sometimes a lengthy process through illness. The funeral is explained, and burial, but there is no mention of cremation as such even though scattering ashes is described. Ways of remembering the loved one are given, and the fact that grieving is a natural emotion, that it will not go on forever, but that the person will always be an important part of the child's life. Sensitively put, this book has a lot going for it, particularly for an information book. Lots of good photos, an index, a glossary, a list of further books to read, and a page on 'Ways to Cope with Grief' add to the information. The large, clear print is a bonus.
Age: 6+