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Evie and the man who helped God ISBN: 9781842702192
Foreman, Michael
Published by Andersen Press, 2002
Evie loves Mondays because that is when George comes to help in the garden. She and George are good friends, and through the seasons and over the years he teaches Evie about the plants and the birds, the frogs and the insects, and they work happily together. George tells Evie that it is God who really makes the garden; he just helps. One day, when George doesn't come, mum explains to Evie that he has gone to help God all the time. Evie goes back to work in the garden, doing the things she has seen George do, and understanding that in doing so she is easing her own sadness. The text and the illustrations in this special book are both very beautiful - full of light and colour and tiny detail of bird and snail, flower and butterfly. And there is a reassuring robin who loves and trusts George too.
Age: 3+