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When Uncle Bob died ISBN: 9781903285084
'Althea' and Wimperis, Sarah
Published by Happy Cat (Talking It Through series), 2001
The little boy learns about death first when he finds a dead butterfly and mum explains about the finality of death. When his uncle dies, he and his family are very sad. Uncle Bob is buried, but cremation is mentioned too, and while the little boy knows about the funeral, he doesn't go with his parents and rather wishes he could. His teacher helps by discussing death with the class and how they have felt as individuals when someone has died. His aunt and cousins often come to Sunday lunch, and they are all going on holiday together too. Sometimes the children are sad and withdrawn, and at other times they are silly and funny. The little boy is frightened when his dad gets ill, but is reassured by mum that the illness is temporary. He learns that Uncle Bob will live on through his memories. Full of bright primary colours, the pictures will help bring meaning to sadness and grief.
Age: 5+