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Family Crises (Emotional Health Issues) ISBN: 9780750279246
Powell, Jillian
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2013
This book covers a number of issues that can cause crisis in a family. Changing lifestyles over the last fifty years or so can cause some of these problems, as can new technology, and sometimes all of us can long for 'the good old days' which were probably not all that good. There are chapters in the book about family break-up, illness in the family, death of a parent or sibling, family problems such as a parent going to prison, domestic violence, and child abuse. Getting help and the importance of finding someone to talk to are constant reference points throughout the chapters, as are the great differences to family life that all of these crisis points can bring about. The information is detailed and 'fact', 'focus', and 'case study' boxes bring the information to life. There are statistics too that could be helpful in project work. Finally, there is a chapter on children as runaways, why they do it, and how they can be helped. Colour photographs help the information along, and there is an index, a glossary, and lists of books, telephone helplines, and websites. Useful for schools as well as to those going through family trauma.
Age: 9+