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The frog ballet ISBN: 9781856815338
Crossland, Caroline and McCardie, Amanda
Published by Julia MacRae, 1997

The oldest frog is getting very weak, and his family, particularly the little speckledy frog, have planned a special treat for him - a ballet, his favourite thing. They perform with great gusto (though the little frog is somewhat over enthusiastic), and the oldest frog is very pleased. But when they gather round him, it is to hear him tell them that he is dying, that this is all part of life's ballet, and that the ballet doesn't really end at all. The family stay close to the oldest frog all night, and little speckledy sees him in his dreams dancing 'light and straight and graceful in the moonlight, as if he would dance forever'. Beautifully written and very unusual. The illustrations, full of watery light, compliment the text remarkably.
Age: 4+