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Death ISBN: 9781842341636
Amos, Janine, Green, Gwen and Hampton, Angela
Published by Cherrytree (Separations series), 2002
A series of letters, short stories and practical advice for children suffering loss. We meet Sam, whose dad has died in an accident, Hannah, whose gran has died just before her birthday, Jude, whose sister Katy has died after a long illness, and Jack, who is still grieving for his dad three years after his death and feeling guilty because he likes his mum's new partner. Feelings are explored, both within each story and in extra information pages, and there are lots of practical coping suggestions. The warm, reassuring illustrations are a plus, as are good photographs. The clear format helps hold interest. Helplines are listed. Moving, with just the right balance between warmth of tone and essential didactism.
Age: 7+