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When People Die (Thoughts and Feelings) ISBN: 9780749674991
Levette, Sarah
Published by Franklin Watts, 2008
A combination of colour photos with speech bubbles, cartoons and text give us information on how it feels to lose someone (or a pet) who is dear. Individual children explain their feelings, and we learn about: why people die; what actually happens at death; theories as to what happens after death; feeling guilty, angry, sad or scared; funerals, burials and cremation; different reactions to the death of someone close; learning to cope; and moving on. There is much emphasis on talking through feelings and on being supportive to friends who have suffered a loss. Feelings include misunderstanding, such as worry that the second parent may die soon after the first and that a child who has died was more loved than the one left behind. Sensitive and perceptive, it provides facts but also understanding. An index, helpful addresses and websites and a list of further reading provide good material for schools.
Age: 6+