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What Does Dead Mean?: A Book for Young Children to Help Explain Death and Dying ISBN: 9781849053556
Dale, Unity-Joy, Jay, Caroline and Thomas, Jenni
Published by Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2012
This sensitive book is intended for adults sharing with children their questions and ideas about death. Seventeen questions such as: 'Is being dead like sleeping? Will I die?' and 'What happens to the person's body at the funeral?' are given simple answers, accompanied by gentle, watercolour illustrations that include insects and animals as well as the children and parents having the discussion. The death of pets is mentioned as well as that of people, and there are a number of suggestions as to how one can 'let feelings out'. A comprehensive list of organisations, along with their websites is included. This is an excellent and beautifully produced book on the general subject of death, aimed precisely at very young children. Available from Amazon, bookshops and direct from the publisher: (Tel: 02078332307).
Age: 4+