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Visits to the doctor

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Adamson, Gareth and Adamson, JeanTopsy and Tim go to the doctor2+
Barrett, Virginia and Pattison, AndrewDoctor Toby3+
Blake, Quentin and Rosen, MichaelSpollyollydiddlytiddlyitis3+
Brychta, Alex, Hunt, Roderick and Young, AnnemarieRead at Home: at the Doctor3+
Cartwright, Stephen and Civardi, AnneGoing to the doctor3+
Chancellor, Deborah and Fairclough, ChrisDoctor4+
Clarke, JaneBramble the Hedgehog (Dr Kitty Cat series)6+
Clarke, JaneClover the Bunny (Dr Kitty Kat series)6+
Clarke, JaneDr KittyCat is Ready to Rescue: Ginger the Kitten6+
Clarke, JaneLogan the Puppy (Dr Kitty Kat series)6+
Clarke, JanePeanut the Mouse (Dr Kitty Cat series)6+
Clarke, JaneWillow the Duckling (Dr Kitty Kat series)6+
Clive and Dorman, HelenHannah goes to the doctor3+
Davies, Becky and Merritt, RichardI want to be a doctor3+
Fernandes, Eugenie and Strong, StacieGoing to the doctor3+
French, Vivian and Heap, SueButtons Family: Going to the Doctor3+
Gordon, Mike and Green, JenSay aah! My first visit to the doctor3+
Hallinan, P.K.My doctor, my friend3+
Hearson, Ruth and McQuinn, AnnaZeki Gets a Check Up18 months +
Inns, ChristopherNext!2+
Jandl, Ernst and Junge, NormanNext please5+
Kopper, Lisa, Petty, Kate and Pipe, JimGoing to the Doctor (My First Time)4+
Lamont, PriscillaMy visit to the doctor2+
Macdonald, FionaGoing to the doctor6+
Maisner, Heather and Stephenson, KristinaTime to see the doctor3+
Oxenbury, HelenThe check-up2+
Robbins, Beth and Stuart, JonTom and Ally visit the doctor2+
Smee, NicolaFreddie visits the doctor18 months+
Stephens, HelenBetsy Goes to the Doctor (Betsy First Experiences)3+
Stockham, JessDoctor (First Time series)3+
Thomson, RuthAt the Doctors Surgery6+
Watson, CarolA day in the life of a doctor5+
Wells, RosemaryFelix feels better2+
West, AnnieBrinkworth Bear goes to the doctor18 months+