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Bramble the Hedgehog (Dr Kitty Cat series) ISBN: 9780192766014
Clarke, Jane
Published by OUP, 2018
This is one of a series of books about animals with various health problems and their doctor, Dr Kitty Cat. She is female, while her nurse assistant is a rather timid male mouse, Peanut - a nice turnaround. In this story we meet all the different animal children in Thistletown School, who have come to help the Dr and her assistant put away all the boxes of equipment the surgery needs. In the process, Ginger the kitten has a fall, and the little animals get a short lecture on health and safety from Peanut. Then it’s off to the funfair as a treat because of their help at the surgery. On the way, Bramble, the hedgehog, announces that he has a loose tooth, and the Dr suggests that he eat sticky or crunchy foods to help remove it. He takes this to mean sweets, and proceeds to overeat them while at the fair. Unfortunately, when he goes on the big wheel, he gets a tummy ache, and Dr Kitty Cat has to be called to find out what is wrong. We get details of all the ways the Dr checks Bramble before being told about his binge eating and she explains why this is not a good idea; soon Bramble is spectacularly sick, which solves the problem. There is lots of good information in this book real, proper information put in easily understood terms and pulling no punches. But it is done in an accessible form that will appeal tremendously. At the end there are tips for tooth brushing after the Dr gives toothbrushes and toothpaste to all the small animals and suggest they brush their teeth night and morning. This also nicely removes Bramble’s loose tooth. The illustrations are unusual real photographs of all the animals, overlaid with orange clothing they are wearing. There’s lots of orange in the background too. This is an interesting series of what are basically information books but with stories as well. Excellent.
Age: 6+