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Doctor (First Time series) ISBN: 9781846433344
Stockham, Jess
Published by Child's Play International, 2011
We meet a number of different children and their families waiting at the surgery, and when the doctor sees them, their are various complaints involved. A boy needs an injection and gets a sticker for being good; a girl is weighed and measured; a boy in a wheelchair is hot and tired and has his temperature checked with an ear thermometer; a sore throat and cough is checked with a stethoscope, but no medicine is needed; spots on a baby's tummy are probably heat rash; a skateboard accident results in a sprained arm and a cut on the head; an earache needs medicine; a little girl is checked over because she's been 'feeling sick and not eating anything'; a boy with eczema is given cooling cream and told to try not to scratch; and, lastly, a girl with asthma is shown how to use a peak flow meter and her inhaler. Each child has only two pages with the very minimum of information on each one, but it is quite enough to explain the most important things that might happen when visiting the surgery. The text is purely dialogue, sometimes of the child, sometimes of the parent or doctor, and this is very effective. As the book is coated with wipeable plastic and very sturdy, it will be ideal for keeping in surgery waiting rooms for use with young patients. A super introduction to all sorts of medical complaints, and there is a glossary to explain some of the more unfamiliar terms.
Age: 3+