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At the Doctors Surgery ISBN: 9780750256087
Thomson, Ruth
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2008
This information book manages to pack a lot of facts and explanations into 30 pages. Large print and photos show us equipment as well as the doctors, nurses and staff in a large surgery. We learn what the receptionist does, the practice manager too, how doctors sometimes specialise in various health problems, what check-ups for babies involve, what practice nurses, health visitors and district nurses do, and how the team works as a whole. We are shown such things as a patient having stitches removed, having a prescription written out by a doctor, and having blood pressure taken. The book is detailed and basic at the same time as there are a number of interesting tit-bits included. An index, a glossary and a quiz at the back of the book add to its usefulness for schools.
Age: 6+