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Time to see the doctor ISBN: 9780753409954
Maisner, Heather and Stephenson, Kristina
Published by Kingfisher (First Time series), 2004
The family's planned outing to the zoo has to be postponed when Ben wakes up hot and tired. Dad takes his temperature and announces that he must take Ben to the doctor. Ben is not pleased, but Amy goes along too, and it is she who, when Ben refuses to be checked, volunteers to be checked over herself. Ben watches with some interest, and when Amy gets an 'I am brave' sticker, he is suddenly willing. The doctor (female) diagnoses an ear infection, and after Ben gets his sticker, they are off to the chemist for medicine. Mum agrees that Ben is a very brave boy and promises that when he is better they will all go to the zoo. A good family story with accessible information at just the right level. The NSPCC acted in an advisory capacity, as did two GPs.
Age: 3+