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Zeki Gets a Check Up ISBN: 9781907825200
Hearson, Ruth and McQuinn, Anna
Published by Alanna Books, 2018
'Zeki is a big boy now.' He can use his cup, feed himself (sort of), sing and dance, and today his dad will take him for a checkup. Mum won't go this time, but Zeki and dad, along with Zeki's favourite toys, 'blankie' and 'Mister Seahorse', are soon away. A short spell in the clinic waiting room until Zeki's name is called is followed by his being examined by a lady doctor who watches admiringly while he claps his hands and then is measured for height and weight and has his ears and eyes checked. The doctor's stethoscope finds that his heart is fine, and, finally, he must be given a jab to 'keep him healthy. As he smiles throughout this process, we must believe that his doctor is particularly good at giving injections! As he leaves he is given a sticker and a book to take home and looks enormously pleased with himself - as does his dad. This is a charming book for the very young and great preparation for the various checkups that young children go through regularly. A warm and happy black family are seen with diverse others in the waiting room, and the ethos is one of acceptance of life's many and varied experiences that inevitably come our way. The pages of the book are of high quality, strong paper, and as the corners are rounded, there is little danger of small hands poking someone in the eye. A good choice for waiting rooms in clinics and doctors' surgeries, as well as for use at home.
Age: 18 months +