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Brinkworth Bear goes to the doctor ISBN: 9780216932555 (ppbk)
West, Annie
Published by: 
  • Blackie, 1992 (ISBN: 9780216932562 (hdbk))
  • (ISBN: 9780216932555 (ppbk))

The simplest explanation for very young children. Bertie goes to the doctor because he has earache. The doctor examines his throat, checks his ears, listens to his chest, and prescribes medicine. Then Bertie is given an 'I was brave' badge. Pictures are bright and cheerful with some of the instruments used - an auroscope, stethoscope, etc. - shown in some detail. As the characters are all teddies, the effect is very reassuring. Large print; rhyming couplets.
Age: 18 months+