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Going to the Doctor (My First Time) ISBN: 9780749686284
Kopper, Lisa, Petty, Kate and Pipe, Jim
Published by Franklin Watts, 2008
Sam's dad takes Sam and little sister Jenny to the doctor's surgery for a check-up. Actually, it is only Sam who is to be checked - Jenny falls asleep. After a wait, the doctor weighs and measures Sam, checks his eyes, ears and tummy, and listens to his heart and lungs with a stethoscope. Sam seems to quite enjoy all the various processes, except for the injection at the end! But he is brave and is quite pleased with himself. This is particularly good for being a real story, in spite of the fact that lots of information is included. Excellent for keeping in surgery waiting rooms. There is a basic glossary with pictures, an index, and a short list of websites. The pictures are very good, full of life and interest.
Age: 4+