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Buttons Family: Going to the Doctor ISBN: 9781406328578
French, Vivian and Heap, Sue
Published by Walker & Company, 2012
These cheerful books about the Buttons are a great way of showing children some of the life experiences they can expect. When Cherry starts sneezing, she is determined she isn't going to go to the doctor, but when mum sees that her throat is red, off they go, Charlie and Baby Lou making ambulance noises all the way there. In the waiting room, Cherry really isn't happy, but mum suggests that when they get home they can play doctors and Cherry cheers up at the idea that she can be the doctor. Dr Marsh checks Cherry's throat and listens to her chest with a stethoscope (Cherry gets to listen too) and discovers a wheeze. A prescription is in order, and Cherry goes home saying, 'Doctors aren't scary.' Charlie says, 'They're great,' and Baby Lou says 'Sneezy', and then sneezes 'an enormous sneeze.' The pictures are big and bright with very simple backgrounds, and all the emphasis is on the children and their mum.
Age: 3+