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Tom and Ally visit the doctor ISBN: 9780751314489
Robbins, Beth and Stuart, Jon
Published by Dorling Kindersley (It's Okay series), 2001
Tom and Ally Katt (yes, they're cats!) must go to the doctor for check-ups, but when Tom, who is younger and rather fearful, learns there is a jab in the offing, he doesn't want to go. Dad convinces him it will be over super quick, and off they go with mum. There are a remarkable lot of sick animals in the waiting room - chicks with chickenpox, etc., but the kittens play happily until their turn. Dr. Little (an elephant) gives them a thorough check (which we see), and the jabs are hardly felt. When they get home, dad has hurt his foot with a garden fork and must go to the doctor...for a jab! This series combines humour and good story lines with good factual material at just the right level, and the plasticine-like figures in the illustrations provide lots of warm reassurance.
Age: 2+