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Betsy Goes to the Doctor (Betsy First Experiences) ISBN: 9781405268240
Stephens, Helen
Published by Egmont UK, 2015
A charming story about Betsy and her earache. Betsy lives with her mummy, her daddy, and her Rufus, a nice big furry dog. When Betsy develops a sore ear and tells her mum, mum does 'worried eyebrows' and says they must go to the doctor. Betsy's toy penguin is frightened and really doesn't want to go, but he does, and Betsy can pretend that her fear is really Penguin's. There's lots of good detail about the surgery, the waiting room, and the nice lady doctor, who has the sense to check Penguin's ear before Betsy's. As he is so brave, Betsy is willing to have the 'cold and tickly' thing put in her ear too. She gets some strawberry-tasting medicine at the 'medicine shop' and soon feels better, and then she spends the rest of the day playing doctor with her compliant dad. Betsy is a winner! The pictures are great fun, and the first-person text has a child-like quality that will appeal.
Age: 3+