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Clover the Bunny (Dr Kitty Kat series) ISBN: 9780192742780
Clarke, Jane
Published by OUP, 2015
This is one of a series of books about small animals with various health problems and their doctor, Dr Kitty Kat. In this short chapter book, we also meet Peanut, her assistant, and as he is a rather timid male and she is female, it’s the perfect turnaround! The story starts with a number of animals coming to the clinic with lots of itching and little blisters, as well as aches and fever, and ‘pawpox’ is soon diagnosed presumably an animal version of chickenpox. This is rather sad because there had been a plan for all the small animals to go to the country for a camping trip in Dr Kitty Kat’s vanbulance. There are three, however Nutmeg, Pumpkin, and Clover - who haven’t got the pawpox, and off they go with the doctor and Peanut for an adventure. It is all going well until a series of accidents occur. First there is Pumpkin, a hamster, who gets car sick; then there is Nutmeg the guinea pig, who bruises herself with a tent peg hammer; Peanut has to have a splinter removed after gathering wood; and Clover gets into a patch of stinging nettle. Dr Kitty Kat always knows just what to do to make things better, and the surprise of a paddling pool and a campfire with marshmallows soon have the little animals happy and relaxed. There are quantities of good information in all these books real, proper information put in easily understood terms and pulling no punches, but it is done in an accessible form that will appeal. The illustrations are unusual real photographs of the animals, overlaid with drawn-on clothing in white and green. Backgrounds, when they are needed, are in the same colours, and there are thick black lines to enclose the individual pictures. This is a most interesting series of what are basically information books but with stories as well. Excellent!
Age: 6+