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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Al-Ghani, Haitham, Al-Ghani, Kay and Beaney, JoyWinston Wallaby Can't Stop Bouncing: What to do about hyperactivity in children including those with ADHD, SPD and ASD5+
Apsley and Brukner, LaurenHow to Be a Superhero Called Self-Control!: Super Powers to Help Younger Children to Regulate their Emotions and Senses5+
Apsley and Brukner, LaurenThe Kids' Guide to Staying Awesome and in Control: Simple Stuff to Help Children Regulate Their Emotions and Senses7+
Aspden, K.L. and Ra, ZitaHelp! I've Got an Alarm Bell Going Off in My Head!: How Panic, Anxiety and Stress Affect Your Body8+
Berns, J.M., Chara, Christian P., Chara, Kathleen A. and Chara, Paul J.Sensory Smarts: A Book for Kids Struggling with Sensory Integration10+
Camargo, Adriana and Lazarus, SoliADHD Is Our Superpower : The Amazing Talents and Skills of Children with ADHD7+
Donovan, Sally and McHale, KaraBilly Bramble and The Great Big Cook Off8+
Fenollar, Marta (trans.) and Llenas, AnnaLittle Mole is a Whirlwind5+
Fox, Woody and Leigh, JennyZak has ADHD5+
Fuller, Rachel and Yarney, SusanMy Brother Booh Has ADHD7+
Gantos, JackJoey Pigza loses control10+
Gantos, JackJoey Pigza swallowed the key10+
Gavalda, Anna (Trans. Rosner35 kilos of hope10+
Grindley, SallyHurricane Wills10+
Hoopmann, KathyAll Dogs Have ADHD6+
Hughes, Emma and Smisson, JohnStriker, Slow Down!: A calming book for children who are always on the go3+
Kennedy, Sophie, Ozer, Susan and Takon, InyangADHD, Tics & Me! : A Story to Explain ADHD and Tic Disorders/Tourette Syndrome9+
Martin, Chris and Yarney, SusanCan I Tell You About ADHD?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals6+
Moss, Deborah M. and Schwartz, CarolShelley the hyperactive turtle5+
O'Sullivan, NoreenI'll Tell You Why I Can't Wear Those Clothes!: Talking about Tactile Defensiveness4+
Pigache, PhilippaADHD (Need to Know)11+
Spilsbury, LouiseWhat does it mean to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder9+